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In a time of dramatic change, overwhelming sensory experiences, emotional instability and a seeming lack of intimacy and depth in the lives of many, Wise Wombman serves as a Modern Mystery School that strives to bring connection and meaning back into the lives of women and men around the world.

Conceived and created by Donna Raymond, Wise Wombman is an education platform dedicated to exploring and sharing Sacred Feminine Wisdom that is deeply spiritual and practical in application.

Wise Wombman is a conduit and catalyst for catharsis and personal transformation, facilitating healing and inner journeywork to encourage and support others as Sovereign beings, co-creators, respectful community-minded individuals and powerful wisdom keepers.

Online courses and journey work through the inner realms of the psyche and womb space have been mapped and delivered in such a way, so as to spark a sense of remembering, allowing pathways to come back to Self beyond story, trauma and ancestral imprints, initiating one into a space of liberation, emotional resilience, self-empowerment and leadership.


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Donna Raymond, Educator and founder of Wise Wombman

Welcome Wisdom Keepers, My name is Donna Raymond and I have been called to be of service in cultivating the potent energy of the womb, clearing and releasing old trauma and blockages, making space inside this creative centre for Wombman to nurture and birth the new paradigm… Dreaming into Being!

The work that I facilitate focuses on reviving Ritual and Ceremony, Healing the Shadow Self, Sacred Sensuality, Blood Rites (Menarche, Pregnancy and Birth) and deeper connection to our wombs, our innate song, Spirit, Earth, Majickal tools and the power of Archetypes.

It is my intention to cultivate more connection to the Sacred, honouring the Sacred Feminine and Masculine and to also live my life as an example and expression of my Truth, becoming a ‘wayshower’ and claiming responsibility for my own journey, to embody the wisdom that I have learnt through experience so that I may radiate it from my heart into the world, as an empowered wombman and conscious co-creator.

As a mother, I am dedicated to creating abundance and beauty as a legacy for those children that will walk ahead of me in generations to come.


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