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Womb Temple

A sanctuary where women can come to rest, nurture, heal, renew themselves, find support whilst connecting with other women and enjoy the beauty of sharing safe space.

It is time out and a time out of time; a sacred place where ‘wombman’ can be herself without any judgements or pressures.

A place to unwind and unfurl deeper into herself, with the support from fellow sisters. A place to explore the seasons of Wombman in all expressions of the feminine.

The Womb Temple is founded and created by Donna Raymond, who has established a permanent space in Kuranda (available for hire as Workshop Space for healing and Journey Work) and also travels with her portable Womb Temple in the form of a large Bell Tent- and ceremonial decor, tapestries and furnishings which can also be used to convert any venue into a beautiful and inviting sacred space.

Everything inside the Temple has meaning…  

Over the past 4 years, decor has been specifically selected and acquired which align with the vision of Red Tent spaces. Hues of red being symbolic of blood, the flow of which links all women into a global sisterhood of HERstory. Many sacred objects from the Womb Temple have a story linked to a woman who has visited the space or generously gifted to the space for others to enjoy, this includes artwork, tapestries, books and oracle cards.

There is a strong anchored presence of deep feminine wisdom inside the Womb Temple, invoking many facets of the Goddess and Archetypal Sacred Feminine energy, this can be communicated in many different ways aesthetically, depending on the demographic of women gathering inside the space.

Womb Temple is also a wonderful feature to have available for any type of Women’s gathering or event (Corporate or Private) whether as a featured and facilitated space, or as an area of stillness and introspection.

enquire about having a Womb Temple at your next event.

2016 Womb Temple Sacred Circles

Kuranda-  2nd July. 6th August. 3rd September
Townsville- 16th July. 20th August. 17th September

Based around the Lunar Cycle and offered to women of all ages in Kuranda and Townsville to sit in circle each month, connecting and developing strong bonds with fellow women in the community.

Some women come to dance, to rest, to sing, to create, to journey deeper into themselves… to heal, to renew. This is a sacred circle space, free of judgement. A place of support and nurturing for women by women. Each month, “Wombies” participate in a sharing circle and follow up with ceremonies, ritual and activities facilitated by Donna Raymond.

Bring your mothers, sisters, daughters, aunties, grandmothers, your friends and co-workers and a special invitation for participation to our young women entering into and experiencing menarche and also the women-elders in our community!

Children under 2 (or still breast-feeding) and girls of all ages are welcome to attend with their mothers.

Black and herbal tea and Coffee available.

Vegetarian soup provided.

Please bring a plate of scrumptious treats to share.

7:30pm start. 10:30pm finish

Address available upon booking.

$40 limited places available.

Bookings are essential!

What other “Wombies” have said:

“My cup feels filled in ways I’d almost forgotten I needed, and I feel more me, more in my body and happy to be here.”


“Holding space for others and having others hold space for you- there’s something about that that feels so safe and healing at this primal level. I felt like I was receiving something I deeply needed but wasn’t aware I needed. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was how powerful it would be, but knowing that others have had experiences similar to myself, that they know and understand, that went a long way. I didn’t feel so alone. Coming together in this way, I think, is so important and I can feel that this is going to become a very special and sacred part of my life.”


” feel absolutely blessed to be apart of The Townsville Womb Temple. There aren’t many places I know I can go and be free to express myself. There’s no judgment, no competitiveness.”


“Just wanted to say a big thanks to Donna & the ladies for the wonderful memories that were created last night…had the best time & still have sore tummy muscles from laughing so much”

“Driving home feeling energised by new connections, admiring what looks like blood moon and discover new flow of my own. First time feeling somewhat spiritual.”

“Womb Temple last night was like a beautiful oasis, taking time away from the mundane and really being present for each other. Thank you everyone!”


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