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Sacred Circle Secrets Feminine Leadership TrainingSacred Circle Secrets is an online, transformational training program designed to take all the pressure and stress out of being a facilitator of Sacred Women’s Circles, so that you can create and hold your own events with confidence.

SCS is for conscious and spiritually minded women who are ready to invest in themselves, discover tools and leadership strengths to do what is necessary to become an empowered and confident Leader and Facilitator.

Womb Song Wise WombmanWomb Song Introductory course.

WombSong  as  a  practice  helps  to  identify,  clear  and  release  emotional  blockages in  the  womb and body.  It  is  a  process  of  deep  catharsis, transformation  and  also  celebration.

 As a self guided practice, WombSong  enables  you  to  process  and  release  emotions  in  a healthy  way. It  is  particularly  beneficial  for  processing  the  shadow  spectrum  of  emotions:  Anger, Frustration,  Grief,  Hurt,  Pain  and  Loneliness and  is  very  versatile  in  practice  and  application.


Join a community of Spiritual Women who are ready to go NEXT LEVEL with their Manifestation skills by harnessing the potent creative energy of the Womb.

WombManifest is designed as a self paced course for (c.i.s) women to help connect with the potent energy of their wombspace, amplifying the ability to create and manifest what is truly desired in an authentic and empowered way.

Using Sacred Feminine practices which explore the depths of the womb, women have the opportunity to work with the innate gifts of the feminine to align with their greater dreaming and learn how to “birth” these dreams, ideas and goals into reality.


14 day deep immersion to  Awaken your Sacred Sensual Nature

So that you can feel Sexy, Confident and Free to live a life that fills your cup up from the inside out!

The Emotional Alchemy with Essential Oils e-course is designed to give dōTERRA essential oil enthusiasts a way to deepen their connection to using aromatherapy as a process for releasing emotions and to facilitate healing and personal empowerment.

The course is delivered via 7 units which has written, audio and video content.


– 21 days of Purpose, Passion and Soul Connection to reignite the creative fires within, unleash your hearts art and align to your true purpose beyond the confines of Motherhood.


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