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Sacred Circle Secrets-

Create and Facilitate Womens Circles and Red Tents with Confidence

Have you felt the calling?

It stirs deep inside, this inner knowing that there is a movement taking place, the Sacred Feminine is rising and it is gaining momentum… She is calling for her leaders to step up.

Women around the world are yearning for safe and sacred places to gather together in solidarity. Weaving the fabric of a global sisterhood.

Sacred Circles are beneficial to the health and wellbeing of modern women who are looking for meaning and connection in their lives.

You don’t have to be Spiritual or cosmic to feel it… when you are called you will know. Chances are if you are reading this you know you are meant to serve in this way.

Womb Temple

Are you being called to become a Sacred Feminine Leader?

  • donnaraymond-facilitator-wise-wombmanAre you actively seeking to help Encourage, Inspire and Empower other women whilst leading from your heart and making a difference in the world?
  • Have you dreamed about creating your own women’s circle or Red Tent, but unsure on where to start?
  • Are you committed to being a leader, but feel stuck in HOW to actually embody that role authentically?
  • Are you interested in learning about the Women’s Mysteries, Feminine Radiance and Empowerment, whilst accessing your Womb Wisdom?
  • Are you over the super cosmic/fluffy new age movements and want to connect with REAL down to Earth women?
  • Do you want to be able to speak your truth clearly and have others listen to you with respect?
  • Are you seeking to connect with like minded women, who share common experiences and similar goals to you?
  • Do you consider yourself a person of service? Social Worker, Midwife/Birth Worker, Healer, Energy Worker, Yoga or Dance Instructor, Empath, Shamanic Practitioner, Witch, Diplomat, Mental Health Practitioner etc.
  • Are you community minded with a deep desire and interest in seeing yourself and others living a healthy life, physically, emotionally and Spiritually?
  • Do you sometimes feel you don’t have the skills to be able to offer what you feel called to provide, or that people won’t value what you do offer?
  • Are you scared or worried about what others may think of you if you step into the role as facilitator?
  • Do you doubt the majick that you have to share- thinking its “not good enough”?
  • Do you fear outgrowing the people in your community?
  • Is overwhelm, family commitments and lack of time keeping you from creating your own sacred circle?
  • Do you doubt whether you could actually pull it all off?
  • Would you like to know more about the Feminine and how to embody this energy for authentic leadership?

If you answered YES to any of these, if this speaks to your heart, then take your first courageous step by joining Sacred Circle Secrets.wombtemple2

Sacred Circle Secrets is a self guided, transformational training program designed to take all the pressure and stress out of learning to become a facilitator of Sacred Women’s Circles, so that you can create and hold your own events with confidence and ease.

Delve in at your own self-guided pace to work on your inner world to release fears and resistance around leadership.

Through potent journeywork you will connect with your inner womb wisdom to identify and map what is actually happening in your subconscious realms, not what you think is going on.

Through clear and easily adaptable practical work, you will find out what your strengths are, and what you need to focus on so that you can step up fully as a confident and powerful leader- one that is respected by others and creates events with ease.

SCS is for conscious and spiritually minded women who are ready to invest in themselves, discover tools and leadership strengths to do what is necessary to become an empowered and confident Leader and Facilitator.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, then this is it!

It’s your time now. YOU CAN DO IT!

Now more than ever, women need safe and sacred spaces to journey together.  

No more excuses!

Join the growing tribe of Sacred Circle facilitators today amd start sharing your gifts with women in your community!

Sacred Circle Secrets students are having transformational life experiences

Kim SCS Student“I’ve had the privilege of being a student of Donna’s ‘Sacred Circle Secrets’ course. This course is perfect for those wanting to create and facilitate circles/spaces. It’s content has been weaved together so well, which is testament to Donna’s practical knowledge and experience in facilitating the many circles, ceremonies, events and workshops that she has. She’s created a course that I believe actually gives you the tools and wisdom to step forward and present for yourself with confidence. It’s content is relevant, easy to follow and most importantly adaptable to your own individual needs, desires and flavour.

Aside from working with Donna on a professional/student level, I am also honoured to call her my friend. My sister. I love her for her authenticity. She exudes a genuine honest, raw and real approach to her life. There are no ‘between the lines’ with Donna. It’s all real. I leave each interaction I have with her, whether professional or personal; completely lifted and gifted with a burning desire to continue my journey with confidence and belief.

Donna is incredibly intuitive, thus meaning her work is tailored for each individual perfectly. If you’re called in anyway to work with her, you should. This woman is next level. “

-Kim Hoorn

Kim's share's her Sacred Circle Secrets transformation in the video below

“The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman”- H.H.Dalai Lama

donna raymond sacred circle wise wombmanWhat are the Benefits of participating in Sacred Circle Secrets?

Make your dream a reality. You no longer have to figure out how or what you need to do to become a facilitator… It’s all there ready for you to implement. SCS takes all the guess work out so you’re not wasting your precious time and energy or making unnecessary mistakes.

You have the opportunity to be a part of a global movement, doing your part to change the current paradigm of disconnection and give rise to the feminine way of leading which is holistic, nurturing and compassionate in nature.

We live in a time where women have the privilege to create sacred services that will impact the lives of women today, their families and generations to follow.

You have the power to make a difference in the world!

Personal Transformation

Cultivate a deeper connection with your Womb space and personal creative rhythms for personal empowerment, refining your intuition and gaining clarity on your dreaming and desires.


Discover the art of Feminine Presence and how you can use that in your life to create dramatic change.


You will have more confidence in yourself… In your skills and ability to create powerful and safe sacred spaces and to lead respectfully. You’ll let go of the doubt and bullshit stories that have kept you from offering this type of work in the world. You will no longer feel insecure by what other people think of you as a leader of Sacred Circles. The transformational work in the course naturally filters into your personal live in many different ways, which can inspire you to be more present, creative and emotionally resilient.

Sacred Circle Secrets can help you to align with your higher calling or purpose, to speak your truth clearly and to walk your path authentically. You will know exactly what you need to have in place to create sacred space that women feel safe in, this will become ‘second nature’ to you as you journey in your new role as a facilitator.

Your personal confidence will increase as you begin to cultivate the courage to be truly seen and heard and you will begin to lead by example.

You will be able to serve others with integrity, to know what you are doing and why, creating from your heart.

sacred-younion-donna-raymond-wise-wombmanOpportunity for Sacred Business

Sacred Circle Secrets offer the blueprints for you to create a service based business as a facilitator of women’s circles or red tents, which not only support women in your community, they also have the ability to completely transform lives.

You can use the templates offered for circles to get you started as well as simple marketing strategies, or you can explore your autonomous creativity, as you are encouraged to express and share your own unique style in your own way. The course has been developed in such a way that you can easily earn your investment back through your own offerings.

Sacred Circle Secrets gives you powerful tools to support women through all seasons of womanhood by cultivating a strong, connected and inclusive sisterhood that helps to empower each other. There is a great need for this service in the world as many women express feelings of loneliness and isolation in their experiences. The power of circles allows women to share stories, be vulnerable to let go and to be held and to find connection in other women that have walked similar paths.

Womens Circles are powerful, and with power comes great responsibility which is why Donna has created this training.

By becoming a leader and offering a safe space for women to gather, you not only provide a sanctuary for women to retreat to, you become a reliable and valuable asset to your community by creating a positive impact on mental health and the physical and spiritual wellbeing of women in your community.

Women's Circles Change Lives.

822049-profile_pic_kshS.C.S Alumni Bek

“Sacred Circle Secrets has unlocked so much for me. When the course was released immediately I was like YES this is what I need to do… I need to do this course…

The course content is amazing and easy to work through. The work and the meditations are very, very potent. Donna’s womb work has such a magic to it, it’s hard to put to words… Before I had even finished the course I was running my first circle. I was nervous the first time, but I just had so much confidence. I’m still running circles and running sacred space and workshops… I highly recommend it!

Bek's S.C.S Testimonial (2016 alumi)

When women join in circle, magic happens

How is Sacred Circle Secrets Delivered?

wise-wombman-womens-circleUpon purchase you will be directed to set up a student account where you will have access to all course modules and materials, so that you can work Self-Paced and take action immediately. The course has been designed to flow steadily over 6 weeks, to help keep you accountable and on track with implementing course work and meeting your goals. Of course YOU get to set your own pace, so you can tune in to what works for you.

Course content is delivered via downloadable Videos, Audio Journey’s, PDF Worksheets. A Private Facebook Community is used for support and heart-storming if needed. You will have access to all of this for the lifespan of SCS and will automatically receive any new bonus material that is offered.

if accessing course material via smartphone- students are encouraged to download the dropbox app.

Course Modules 

1. Opening Circle 

2.Anchor Your Dreaming 

Establish your big WHY

Set Goals and intention

Mindset for Success

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses as a leader

3. The Art of Sacred Space 

Create Psychological Safe Spaces

Logistics and Aesthetics for energy efficiency

4. Calling It In 

How to attract your tribe

Simple and Effective Marketing Techniques

5. Design Systems 

Structures and Foundations

Function and Flow Dynamics

Creating Templates


6. Embodiment

Listening to your inner voice and cultivating intuition

Meeting Your Inner Wise Wombman

Showing up- Claiming your Role and Responsibilities as Facilitator

7. Realisation

Implementation- Facilitate your Circle.

Celebrate and acknowledge your journey

Moving through resistance


4x Sacred Secrets of Feminine Leadership

5x Womb Temple Templates- Use Donna’s personal templates of sacred circle to use whenever you like. 

66x Ideas for Circles

Sacred Circle Secrets Students are now creating and sharing sacred space in their communities.

 Ariel SCS AlumniS.C.S Alumni, Ariel

“My path crossed with Donna’s a year after a deep trauma of our house burning down right after our wedding and the winter holidays. My life had deeply shifted and I had been practicing some deep healing work.

 I had been given a spirit message of a supportive women’s circle. The following day, I came upon Donna’s Sacred Circle Secrets course on how to facilitate a woman’s circle!

The course was organized, thoughtful and genuine but what grew from this experience was truly amazing. I still go through my notes and the videos and feel guided by her fluent wisdom.

I was surprised at the deep connections and understanding that innately comes forth in her programs. She gives you a format to run a woman’s circle, but it’s her experience and guidance on how to connect with your inner-confidence and womb strength that makes this a gem!

She creates a strong bridge for you to create and lead. I was able to hear my own sacred spirit and am ready to create that here in the US.

If we could duplicate that with the women of the world and offer that support of a listening genuine space, we would all be able to hear our own sacred souls. You can tell Donna takes care of her personal space and nurtures herself (something that I believe makes an amazing teacher). She can hold space for others: A woman can feel safe working with her knowing that she is aware of the emotional and energy boundaries in healing and an incredible intuitive patient listener. This trait is truly hard to find in this world! I cherish and honor her heart and spirit.

I strongly encourage you to take this course and honor your intuition and the timing on your path.”

With nurturing love,
Ariel Temianka New Hampshire, US

"The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are" C.S Lewis

Who’s Your Guide for the Journey?

Donna Raymond, Educator and founder of Wise WombmanDonna Raymond

Donna Raymond is a Sacred Feminine Educator, Mentor and the founder of Wise Wombman and Womb Temple. With over 7years experience creating and facilitating her own sacred circles, ceremonies, rituals and retreats, she offers practical wisdom and training for aspiring facilitators, leaders and conscious entrepreneurs

Sacred Circle Secrets was Donna’s first in-depth, premium online training program and is jam packed with everything you need to know to develop your leadership and communication skills whilst creating sacred spaces for women to feel safe and supported to be seen, heard and validated.

Donna is known for “over-delivering” in the sense that you can be assured whatever she offers is of incredible value.

With a Diploma in Visual art, Donna blends her ability for being a visionary creative with her love of psychology, esoteric and spiritual/mystical practices, and a no fluff practical approach to education.

In Sacred Circle Secrets, Donna has created a practical resource that taps into the wealth of wisdom within each individual as well as through Womb Wisdom and the Women’s Mysteries, whilst translating it into a modern day context that is easily digestible.
Donna’s sacred circles, ceremonies, rituals, workshops and mentorship have helped to transform the lives of hundreds of women and their families around the world. She created Sacred Circle Secrets to help other women step up and provide a much needed service for their communities and is deeply passionate about her role as a wisdom keeper.

It is her belief that sacred women’s circles and establishing a community through the solidarity of a Sisterhood are pivotal keys in changing the current paradigm of relating, and bringing meaning and connection back into our lives. May we all find common unity in community.

In a world full of stress and overwhelm, Sacred Circles are like sanctuaries for modern women.


“Being part of a women’s circle has both enlightened & sustained me through the epic journey of discovering self. The group is supportive & holds me accountable for things I may have openly shared as an intention. The gentle push or encouragement is a welcoming difference to any other social experiences I have been involved in over the years. It nourishes me & provides me with the support, love & accountability I have been craving. Women empowering women! Bliss x “ – A. Benson (Townsville Womb Temple)

What was my experience with Donna’s knowledge when hosting my first Red Tent? Donna’s knowledge was extensive, direct and informative. I was guided throughout the process of what I can expect from hosting a red tent circle and the potential outcomes that may need mediation. Having this information helped me be prepared to anticipate sensitive scenarios the circle could be open too. I felt more comfortable and confident in my ability to host yet respected the sacredness of shared woman space. The red tent I hosted was a success and Donna’s guidance contributed to the success of the red tent. I feel very fortunate to have Donna in my community as a resource of sacred knowledge and I recommend her to any woman looking for an understanding of self through the feminine archetype.”


“Over the last few months I’ve been attending Donna’s Womb Temple and must say it has been a welcome relief. Not being part of a ‘Sisterhood’ in the last 5 years has left me with a sense that something deep was missing. The connections have been invaluable and in this busy life just knowing that these women are there has lessened the isolation. When you bring your genuine heart to this Circle it will be supported and nourished. Thank you sincerely Donna.” -T.Dobbins




*price in $AUD Australian Dollars

What have other women experienced?

“I joined Donna’s “Womb Temple” this year and it has been a beautiful and enriching experience. My life has been better for it. Donna creates a space of safety, connection and sacredness within her temples and leads the circles with wisdom and presence. I went in with an open mind, deciding to try something new and what I found was love and acceptance and something I cannot name but that I had been terribly missing from my life” -Kym Rose

Heather Raymond, Wise Wombman Elder

“Having grieved the loss of a loved one I slipped without warning into the depths of depression. After exhausting the help of family not wanting to burden them anymore, and not liking who I had become it was time to face the demons and fight to get my life back. At the age of 60 this was not an easy thing to do. I felt lost and passed my use by date. Supported by Donna I was encouraged to share my story at my own pace.
This was an incredible experience, feeling the love and compassion without judgement or advice to do this or that. I was allowed to release what had been trapped inside to come out. Knowing all the time Donna was there to catch me if fell too far into the depths of purgatory. Each time I sat circle I would shed another layer of myself, slowly realising life was worth the fight, the demons were not going to win this fight. The environment Donna created evoked all the senses so calm and supportive. This allowed me to find a place where I was comfortable to share the emotions that had been trapped within for so long. The day finally came when I no long felt trapped and ruled by my memories and the suicide demons.
I will continue to sit circle as there is still much work to be done. Many dollars, medications and hours spent with professional doctors phycologists and psychiatrists did not achieve the result experienced by sitting in the safe environment of the womb temple..
Donna there is not enough $$$’s or words to thank you for what you have done for me and the other women who sit circle with you.”


Joanne Raymond

“What I love about Sacred Circles (Donna’s Womb Temple) is you don’t need to be spiritually minded, you just need to be a woman who’s open to sharing a little or alot with other women; who have been through or likely to go through similar experience. Discovery of common threads reinforces necessity for women to connect more and be empowered by the greatness we too often sacrifice and suppress. Perfect space to offload and recharge.”

-Joanne Stewart

Sacred Circle Secrets Imagine a Woman


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