Sexy, Confident and Free!

I believe our journeys are meant to shape us not define us. I believe that all experiences are an opportunity to learn and to grow. When we nurture the soul soil of our hearts and bodies, then we can truly give ourselves permission to BLOOM!

I see you.

I know you’re feeling a little lost and disconnected. Feeling Bored, restricted and incredibly FRUSTRATED with the way life is at the moment. You feel the inner rage and injustice with the state of the world and feel that life is unfair and cruel. Perhaps you’re super successful and have achieved ALL THE THINGS- yet there is still this emptiness inside, this longing in your heart.

 No matter what you do, you go to bed feeling that void of aloneness- and so you fill your schedule or resort to addictive behaviour just to escape from this feeling.

You’re strong, capable and independent and yet sometimes you feel like you make a rod for your own back- It seems like your energy is emasculating others. Have you ever felt like your energy is intimidating to men- you’re THAT woman that they think is too much…too ballsy and out of reach?

You wonder why all your other girlfriends can create intimate relationships easily- yet you still struggle. You get jealous of other women when they receive what you secretly desire.

You keep attracting drama into your relationships. You feel fat, ugly, dumb and all of the other negative words you can throw at yourself- or that have been thrown at you and you’ve accepted them. You feel stress, tension and anxiety in your body Your emotions seem to be turbulent and out of control. Struggling with a waning libido though you are craving deep intimacy.

You know that you have this primal sensual side but you’re not fully confident in how you express it, or maybe deep down you’re a little scared and ashamed. No matter how hard you try, you keep coming back to this space.

You fall into the trap of playing this character role of who you think you should be based on other people’s perspective and other people’s judgments.

To fit in To belong…
To fell desired and valued.

You adapt to survive.

You dull your radiance out of fear and shame.

Can’t shine TOO BRIGHT because you don’t want to be cast out- (especially by other women)

You become afraid and anxious to really express yourself fully Scared to speak your truth Scared to truly be seen- yet you YEARN for deep intimacy

Scared to be too confident that it intimidates potential partners- and so you narrow your choices for a mate, settle for less than you know you deserve – or isolate yourself from any options and become sad and bitter. I see it time and time again- It is everywhere! and you know what happens…

You begin to die a little on the inside, little bit by little bit each day a part of that soul fire and passion dims, until it is forgotten.
Or worse, neglected and ignored… pushed aside

The worst kind of abuse is what you inflict upon yourself.

Letting that spark diminish and die alongside all of the potentials you have to create an incredible life for yourself and others. Like a broken record on repeat- the wounds of HERstory have been passed on through the maternal lineage for generations… and you become a character playing a role to a story that you didn’t write, dancing to the beat of someone else’s drum.


Have you been feeling like there is perhaps something missing… like there is MORE THAN THIS… Like maybe there is some hidden truth that is going to help you BREAK FREE off all the bullshit stories you repeate and keep telling yourself WELL THERE IS, GORGEOUS! I am here to remind you of how incredibly beautiful and powerful you are. I am here to remind you that you have access to this incredible energy inside your body, that once activated can literally have you GLOWING in an instant and feeling more present and confident in your self and your ability to enjoy life as you create it.

I am here to help you remember how gorgeous, sexy and fucking magnificent you are as a feminine creature with soul shaking desires and an untapped sensual nature that is BEGGING FOR YOU to return to it… to remember to come home. Into the deep presence of your body and your mystical heart. I’m here to remind you that ACCESSING YOU DEEP FEMININE ESSENCE… YOUR MAJICK… YOUR SACRED SEXUALITY… YOUR UNBRIDLED PASSIONS AND PLEASURE is all within reach- it always has been… you’ve just forgotten… and that’s ok, we all do/did at some point. Because society has not been ready to embrace the powerful energy of a woman in FULL BLOOM!

The feminine has been commodified and restricted in expression for so long that what we are seeing is more and more women becoming incredibly frustrated and ANGRY! This is a collective story. There is a deep feminine rage that bubbles up over time when you do not allow yourself to flow with the energy that wants to move through your body. Imagine a dam wall- HOLDING A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF WATER... Imagine that water is the unfiltered you… the you that you’ve been too fucking scared to embrace… the you that YOU KNOW wants to be set free, to sing, dance, play, make wildly passionate love and create majick in the world… but at some stage you were told it’s not ok… it’s not safe… there is no place for YOU… And you believed it… Those stories. Those hurtful words that kept you trapped feeling unloved ugly ashamed of your body your sex your truth. Imagine that dam wall is holding the authentic unbridled expression of every woman you’ve ever known.

Take a moment to pause and… FEEL THAT!!!
Now, can you understand why you are feeling frustrated with a deep pain inside that you can’t quite describe- feeling a sense of injustice and a void- no matter how successful you are… there is still something missing


Because, you know what’s sexy?

You know what’s even more sexier?
A woman so completely tapped into her feminine core that she allows herself to express her raw and untamed spirit unapologetically!

 A woman so deeply connected to her body wisdom that she KNOWS how to radiate her beauty into the world and reveal her mysteries to those she chooses, unashamedly!

A woman so connected to her self worth and value that she can open herself up to receive pleasure and gift her lovers with her raw and untamed mythic beauty in complete surrender.

A woman connected to Spirit and the Natural world that she literally lives and breaths love into everything she does. A woman so grounded in her inner power that she gives generously and receives graciousy.

A woman that KNOWS how incredible she is and is so grounded in heart that she can support, encourage and celebrate other women and seeks to inspire them to do the same.

A woman who is so in tune with her body she can walk into a room and turn heads- simply from her energetic state!

This alluring feminine energy is what has inspired the poets and artists throughout the ages.
 It’s driven men to conflict AND peace!
It has breathed life and love into otherwise dull experiences and given more that it has taken. One of the most radical acts of Self Love is to be completely and fully embodied as your beautiful and sensual self!

Where we’ve come from and where we’re going are two different places… but sometimes we carry the stories of the past into our future, stories trapped in our body that are running programs in the background and keeping us from realising our freedom and deepest desires. The great news is that there is a simple solution. When we feel more whole and connected with our body- it ripples into ALL FACETS OF OUR LIFE- all extensions like personal relationships, work, business, fun, pleasure… across all timelines! When we become so in tune and present with and in our body, our womb and heart, we literally have the capacity to die a thousand deaths and birth ourselves anew in the image of our highest truth. I know so many incredible women who do not see or feel that of themselves and it breaks my heart… because I see all women as beautiful, even though I see them hide behind roles and responsibilities, draining their vitality, creativity and feminine expression. I see women struggling and juggling ALL THE THINGS… and wonder why they feel disconnected, why they feel frustrated, stressed, low in energy and libido and overwhelmed with their emotional reactions. But here’s the thing…

All Life is relationship.
 A sacred dance if that.
Life is meant to be lived and experienced with vibrancy, with fun and majick.
A light hearted life deep in meaning and I want to help you REMEMBER!!!

This is not about trying to fix or change anything- change WILL BE INEVITABLE from this work- old stories will naturally fall away, or you will consciously shake them off with intent.- freeing yourself from feeling trapped and bound to them and our point of focus is to learn how to respond to our environment, how to call to it with what we dream and desire.

Because a woman becomes attractive and magnetic when she leads with her SOUL!

So you want me to help guide you?

I help women access their inner wisdom so they can create a life connected to purpose, passion and deep meaning. I create transformational programs that explore what it means to be a woman and share wisdom on how to harness the full power of our creative potential with my practical mysticism and unconventional approach.

Women love to work with me and in fact continue to work with me in many different programs because of my real, raw and deeply grounded spirituality and wisdom teachings that explore the women’s mysteries, womb wisdom and embodiment practices. I help bridge the gap between the real world and the mystical world in a way that feels easy, natural and playful, without all the fluffy bullshit! My work is deep, honest and potent, which means that every woman will have different experiences and results- because it is a personal journey and sacred to each woman.

I genuinely care and love to see other women succeed and achieve their desired outcomes from each program. Women come to me because they know there’s more to life and they’re seeking more for themselves. It doesn’t matter if they’re super wealthy and successful and are perceived to “have it all”.

The reality is that we are all connected as women to similar themes and stories playing out in our life. I have been working with women intimately for over 6years and have learned to listen deeply to the core issues faced and can see how things are all interwoven with the inner narrative at play. No one is immune because we are dealing with problems that were passed down to us from out grandmothers and beyond. When I say you are not alone… it’s because you aren’t. I have worked with many women that experience feelings of emptiness and being alone or feel the need to be constantly doing, doing, doing because there’s something missing for them… and if they stopped- they think the pit would get bigger and more consuming.

I have made deep connections with women from different seasons of womanhood and different demographics. I have witnessed so much pain and heard so man stories of struggle. Women stuck in the role of caretaker and nurture that they are bored out of their fucking brains and dream of breaking free from their present life- but they don’t know how, or if it is ok for them to do/be something more. Mothers feeling so overwhelmed they’ve forgotten how to be in their bodies, to make themselves a priority to nurture themselves properly.

They’ve forgotten about how luscious, beautiful and sexual they are and so their intimate relationships suffer and the home become an external projection of her inner hostility. Women working the grind, to build successful careers don’t even realise how often they slip into their masculine energy in all the ‘doing’ and they wonder why they do not receive the attention from men when they go out with their friends- yet their girlfriends are picking up partners and dates as they get left behind and feel unnoticed. Women who are great at putting on a mask- they come across as confident, strong and feel sexy and sassy, but have a desperation to be wanted and a deep fear of rejection that comes with it. Women who have such negative views of their body that they hide their beauty because it does not fit with the status quo.

All of these stories allow me to see the depth of humaity in each woman and a desire for her to feel free in her body and in life. It stirs up in me a fierce and protective energy that seeks to hold each woman to her defined higher standard of herself, to help her return to her power so that she feels seen and embraced for who she is now… and everything she stands for. I believe in women’s potential to change the world. I believe women’s spirituality is deeply connected to the natural world, and when more women return to the seat of their SOUL- then she begins to BLOOM! Like a field of flowers, women are all uniquely beautiful and when in bloom together…

Phwoarrrr what a sight to delight the senses!

Course Curriculum

14 days of deep inner work, journaling, embodiment practices, ceremonies and rituals to help connect with your body wisdom so that you can feel more confident and beautiful than ever before, in a way that radiates from the core of your being.

"I have noticed some deep shifts. I have excavated from the depths of my soul and beyond. Things have been brought to light, examined or not, discarded or transformed. Life feels so much more positive now. Isn't it interesting how when shit is recognised and released, healing is accomplished and perceptions can change."

Irena Deacon

It's your time to BLOOM!

14 days of deep inner work, journaling, embodiment practices, ceremonies and rituals to help connect with your body wisdom so that you can feel more confident and beautiful than ever before, in a way that radiates from the core of your being.  
People will notice!  
You will feel different.  
You will look different.
 You will turn heads.
  You will feel more confident being exactly who you are in the world, feeling deeply connected with your true self and your true nature and you inner power.  
You will have more confidence to speak your truth, to voice your opinions to express yourself and move your body in ways that it has longed for you to move.  
You will have more courage to dance, sing, explore your creativity and try new things that you’ve always wanted to do but you just put aside to the one day Box!  
You will be able to attract new opportunities with work, money, romance and creative projects.  
You will be able to have more fun and joy in your life.  
You will have better sex and deeper, more intense orgasms!  
You will have more depth and meaning in your life.
 You will feel a renewed sense of self and inspiration.
 You will be stronger emotionally and will learn how to use the Sacred Feminine Archetypes for your benefit.  You will feel lighter and brighter with a clear perspective of the action steps you need to make to move forward in life by taking inspired action.
By investing in a program like Bloom! You’re saying yes to you now, and yes to awakening the woman that you know you are and have longed to be.
Bloom! will help you give yourself full permission to be the most amazing confident, sexy and beautiful woman that you can be and that begins by saying yes to you.

 "Donna embodies a depth of wisdom that is beyond her earthly years, a sincere and empowered wombman in whom I am blessed to know, and journey with! She is a natural healer with many insightful tools that brings our inner recognition of true and higher self to light. Like the goddess, she cares unconditionally and has a deep respect for women (and men), who are innately drawn to her for many reasons. I have learnt from her to honor my truth and stand in my power as a wombman… She taught me about sacred sexuality, birthing, mothering and manifesting my true love, and for those reasons alone (but there are many more) I give deep gratitude for such blessings. Donna brings the ‘sacredness’ of life to the forefront of living and this is felt and honoured in the workshops that she facilitates, so take to opportunity to participate if you have the feeling to do so – her work is always transformative and I trust that in whatever way you are able to connect with her, it is likely to be a heartfelt and enlightening experience!”

Tonielle Christensen

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