21 days to reconnect with the wonder of being alive so you can stress less, smile more and uplift your Spirit for a life of joy and meaning.

Course Summary

Join me for a fun little program called, Enchant. 21 days to reconnect with the wonder of being alive so you can stress less, smile more and uplift your Spirit for a life of joy and meaning.10min mini lessons each day, with simple practices of mindfulness and creativity designed to shift your perspective, spark your imagination and connect you with the flow of feminine energy.

Course Curriculum

Jessy Lynch

Thankyou Donna, from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful program and your beautiful spirit! I completed my ceremony last night ‘neath the half moon’s light. I felt a grounded strength in my body, as my intentions gathered in my heart, the wind rushed through my hair and I felt love in every cell of my self. I’m calling in greater flow, communication and presence in all my relationships. I see it. I feel it. In the smokey envelope of frankincense resin and sandalwood powder, I basked in the bay leaf, finally snuffing it out I sat in the glorious scent of intention. I felt/feel so supported and excited! These practices have been such a necessary reminder to take 10mins each day to ‘come back home’. Much love xo

Jess Taylor

What a gorgeous end to what has been a truly special time in my life, and all within the comfort of my home. I've loved each and every one of these practices. I've made a list of my favorite 9 to do more regularly; namely cloud watching, Shakti belly breathing, heart coherance, love letter to self, yum food, activating throat chakra, hands (holding on, letting go), feet (walking away from, walking toward), and acts of kindness. Tonight, a simple end to these enchanting practices with my fire pit, frankincense resin, hand poured candle from Thailand (a gift from a past student), and bay leaf for manifestation. The absolutely right manifestation is to start again. To put just 10 mins aside each day to sit in the quiet of my being. That's all. I know this is perfect as I know I need to bed down the basics and make them so strong and consistent in my daily life. From this all will grow and develop. This is honestly the best money I have spent in a long time. I am so grateful for myself also, for showing up. This means a lot to me, and my ancestors, I just know it. With love.

Kellie Malcolm

Much love to you Donna Raymond thankyou for your generosity and wisdom. Enchant is wonderful and it was super simple to follow. I love the inclusion of the oils and the beautiful daily practices. I find myself using different practices without really thinking about it. Big love to you, Enchant and the other lovely ladies.

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