Heart and Soul Activated Mama

21 days of Purpose, Passion and Soul Connection

Course Summary

HEART+ SOUL ACTIVATED MAMA – is THE course that helps mother's wake up from their slumber.
 It happens to the best of us, slowly but surely, the responsibilities and demands of motherhood drain us of the JUICE+NECTAR that makes us feel alive....sensual, creative and connected to something more majickal in life.

As a mother of 4 I know this story all to well... the one where despite my best intentions and boundaries, I would still allow myself to slip into silent servitude as primary caretaker... but I wasn't really looking after myself... my mind, body and SPIRIT felt dull and I yearned for ways to reinvigorate myself and my senses.

To be honest I felt trapped in my role to the point where I resented it!
When I start to feel like this, I know I have forgotten so key insights to being the mother I desire to be, with incredible energy and zest for life... all of this I will share with you, so you can feel the same!

I designed this course as an affordable journey for mothers from all backgrounds to initiate the process of remembering and healing over 21 days, and you get to work through everything at your own pace, in your own time! You literally can not fall behind, the content will be there whenever you need it!

Course Curriculum

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