Sacred Pregnancy

Preparing for Birth as a Spiritual Initiation and Sacred Rite of Passage

Course Summary

Sacred Pregnancy is the first course in the Maiden to Mother bundle which shares wisdom around the essentials in preparing for birth as a profound Spitiual initation as well as a Sacred Rite of Passage. Birth is a language and one I am familiar with having 4 children and freebirthing 3 of my wildlings at home. Pregnancy is such a profound time of sensory experience for both mother and baby. Most antenatal trainings focus on the physiological aspects of pregnancy as a biological function and fail to really speak to the Sacredness of pregnancy and WHY it is such a powerful time for a woman who becomes a Sacred Bridge between worlds.

I designed this course to help women prepare to consciously conceive, connect with their baby spiritually and emotionally, integrate and heal the Maiden before she transitions into Mother (Which can be done for consequtive pregnancies- there is always time for this healing work) Release any fears or hesitations around Birth and mentally, emotionally and physically preparing for the transition ahead.

Pregancy is such a beautiful time for a woman to softly open and ripen into her sensual expression as a powerfully sensitive and creative wombman. Our modern culture does not fully support women to slow down, rest, play, dance, laugh and be fully embodied during pregancy and this is something that I want to advocate for, the complete health and wellbeing of mothers who are birthing new worlds and generations.

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Donna Raymond Raymond

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