Shadow Work

Pierce Your Shadow, Shine Your Light!

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SHADOW WORK MINI COURSE  13 days of transformation, growth and healing so you can release the fear of meeting yourself fully.  
(Open to all genders)  
You must face your shadow to know how truly powerful your light is.  
Learn the process of self enquiry and deep Soul excavations so that you can alchemise the pain and extract your medicine.  
I've been asked to create a course on this ample times over the years and its something that I feel is quite fitting for the current timeline.  This is a great course to become familiar with what Shadow Work is, Why you need to do it, How it will change your world from the inside out and things to look out for so that you can support yourself through the dark night of the soul, any form of catharsis and healing.  
I've been doing Shadow work with clients for over a decade.
We dive deep, we look for new ways of seeing patterns play out, we ask questions and journal to go deeper into the psyche to release trauma, limiting beliefs and any other subconscious programs that are sabotaging your life in the background.
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