SOL Alignment

Out with the old, in with the TRUE!

Course Summary

Solstice + New Year release to bring forth clarity for a new year, new mindset and new focus! Originally facilitated as the "2020 Vision" workshop- it has been translated into the digital format for a similar experience that you can use towards the end of an era, season or cycle. You can schedule a full day or whole weekend to dive into the content and guide yourself into Alignment for what it is you wish to call in and create for the next Solar cycle.

Kim Darby

"I recommend 2020 Vision to anyone and everyone who wants to move forward into the next decade with CRYSTAL CLEAR clarity of what they want to call in. You know what you want? Perfect. You don’t know what you want? Even better. I arrived feeling like I had no idea what I wanted to call in, what I wanted to let go of or what I needed to *do* to step into my future. After sitting in circle and being guided through Donna’s exercises & meditations; doubt, fear and stagnant energy lifted off me and I felt safe and inspired to open up, sink in and express with clarity exactly what I am stepping into for the next decade. I left knowing exactly what I would be calling into my future, what I needed to release and what I need to do to cultivate a prosperous future. I’ve attended many offerings of Donna Raymond, Wise Wombman, in person and online - regardless of the platform on which these offerings are served, she has an incredible way of holding space and intuitively guiding each one of us on a journey back to self 🙏🏽 Thankful for Donna and for the messages that came through during this workshop. Grateful for what was, is and will be."

Chanel Baran

"WOW! 2020 Vision was exactly what my soul was needing as I walk into 2020 and this next decade. I received so much potent wisdom from this experience. I loved reflecting on my life in the last 10 years. I loved the exercise and meditation of projecting forward and meeting my version of self in 10 years, 20 years and beyond. This women I am going to become in the future is SOOO awesome and I am so loving this journey of evolving to become her. I loved the exercise of letting go of what no longer serves me. I loved receiving the wisdom from my child self, my current self and my wise women. I loved declaring what I am calling in and embodying in 2020 and beyond."

Heather Raymond

"As the last few days of this decade dissolve and become the past; sitting circle with an amazing group of women enable me to surrender in a safe environment. Being guided throught the last decade enabling me to set up a road map into the next with solid foundations to navigate the next ten years has me excited for whats install. Thank you Donna, your ability to create and giude groups of women through the workshops you create truly is a gift. The ancestral walk in this workshop was a huge Ah ha moment for me. Again thank you and keep on keeping these workshops coming

"Thank you so much beautiful the experience was amazing and powerful for each one of us in our own way! Amazing! never did anything like it..." 

Iulia Krems

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Donna Raymond Raymond

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