WombSong Introduction

Emotional Alchemy Practice

WombSong is an emotional intelligence and body wisdom practice that allows women to process and clear emotion and trauma timelines in a safe and constructive way. This is a self guided practice with both Audio and Video demonstrations for guidance. WombSong is also a powerful way to activate the wisdom of the womb, creativity, fertility, sensuality and intuition. Offered as a Home Study- go at your own pace- introductory online course or a LIVE intensive (check events page) with Donna Raymond.

The Womb is a potent creative power centre.  A place where we seed not only life, but also our dreaming, ideas and wisdom!  The Womb is sacred, and as such is to be met with reverence and honour for its innate wisdom and majick. The nature of the feminine is fullness... and so it becomes essential to tune into the womb centre to see what is stored there.  Over the years I have been called to help women connect with the womb and clear any old stories from trauma, abuse, disrespect and neglect. I have marveled at the potential of this sacred internal space and what is processed and released in deep catharsis.  Why practice WombSong?  As emotional beings, it can be very easy to become swept away and lost in feelings that can be quite intense and consuming. When we come from the perspective that emotion is just energy in motion, we can learn to navigate foreign terrain on the emotional spectrum, particularly if we have compartmentalised trauma or pain from the past.

 WombSong can be used as a potent and powerful tool to access the Shadow Self, deep pain and internal wounds that we may have thought we’ve dealt with. Without going into “the story” and analyzing our feelings, we can simply tune into our body and vocally release the tension held within. However, we must come to peace with the fact that we do not “need to know” the why all the time.  If you are a very analytical person with a very active and critical mind, WombSong may take some time to practice, to learn how to drop into the intuitive side of the feminine, learning to let go of the need to control and micro-­‐ manage what’s being expressed. Letting the waves flow, and surrendering to them as they arise can take time to feel comfortable, so be gentle with your process. In your own way, in your own time!

WombSong as a practice helps to identify, clear and release emotional blockages in the body. It is a process of deep catharsis and also celebration, it is very versatile in practice and application.  WombSong enables you to process and release emotions in a healthy way, it is particularly beneficial for processing the shadow spectrum of emotions: Anger, Frustration, Grief, Hurt, Pain and Loneliness etc.  
It also aids in the following:
-Clearing and activating the throat charka  -Developing confidence to speak your truth.  -Expressing yourself authentically  -Discovering the power of vulnerability, and learning the art of surrender and letting go.  -Connecting with your body, particularly your womb for health and wellbeing  -Connecting with children or potential children.  -Discovering your capacity for creativity and wonder  -Accessing deep seated wisdom and expression  -Embodying your femininity more fully  -Releasing tension and shame around sexuality and sexual desires/expressions  -Connecting with the Sexual Goddess for more fulfilling sexual experiences  -Develop awareness to the Womb, aiding in more powerful orgasm  -Release fear around birthing  -Releasing grief in respects to miscarriage, abortion, infertility, hysterectomy, menopause and any other experiences relating to female sexual and reproductive health  -Developing a deeper awareness to the vagina, uterus and reproductive system.  -Release tension held in the vagina and uterus, for clearer menstrual flow  -Connecting with the power and majick of the menstrual cycle  -Liberating oneself from suffering and the stories that bind us to the pain body 

"WombSong has been awesome in helping me work through the stories that often go round & round. But I’m training myself to just stop, to let go & to remember these stories are just not serving me. They are not my stories anymore."

Jess Russel
WombSong Online Course

"Hey Donna, I just had to reach out to you and thank you! I have been practicing the womb song for a week now and have done the womb journey 4 times. The amount of shifts I have seen in the last week are beyond amazing!! 
I have always been rather quiet and don’t really express myself...not this week. I have been expressing my self and sharing on such a deep level. I have also felt more connected and more intuitive than normal. I feel like my work is more in flow this week and effortless compared to the last several months...including creativity. I am so grateful for your teachings and will definitely be taking more 💖." 

Melissa Goodman
WombSong Online Course

Kathy Popplewell

Evoking the WombSong Live intensive

"I loved our journey of wombsong. I loved the singing and sounding. I loved how open hearted I felt afterwards walking around for days with my shoulders naturally moved back and my heart centre open. I loved how this sacred journey with Donna unlocked something inside of me that was already starting to emerge in a little self conscious trickle by itself and after my time with her and the women in this circle it opened and supported me in a way that I have gained so much confidence in my wombsonging that it’s now flowing more and more each time I reconnect to that voice, that sound, that energy, that wombsong. Totally loved the whole experience. Healing. Yummy. Nourishing. Fun. Opening. Expanding. Empowering. Uplifting. Joyous. Practical. And simple! I love Donna's work. And I'd highly recommend the womb song experience to every woman."


Evoking the WombSong Live Intensive

"...I loved it it in it’s self was such a journey. I was intoxicated by really being able to let go, I could feel what I could describe as an energy building up inside of me engulfing every cell it was brewing but it had plateaued & then Donna placed her hands on my back she instinctively knew what to do & the energy shot through me it was like what I can only describe with my limited knowledge on things as a Kundalini experience. It was flowing through the Earth into me & out through my crown into the universe. IT WAS PROFOUND! I had never experienced anything like it. Everything that ever was, was ok, acceptance of the past & optimistic for the future & for me that was a major breakthrough. Donna says it’s us who do the work within, but without her guidance & intuitive coaching I would not have been able to have such a profound breakthrough... for that I am eternally grateful… That’s what it is, freeing an ancient voice.. well for me that is what I got I released generations of trauma it was very sacred very profound."


Evoking the WombSong Live Intensive

"Reliving the healing I have experienced from these workshops *goosebumps* Dusting out the cobwebs I’d created & stashed away, serving no purpose, feeling stagnant. It’s hard to put into words what it is to attend, to feel, to heal & to release. In a safe space. To be held. To be heard. To be seen. You walk in thinking about why you’re there. You walk out knowing why you were called to be there. Healing. Revitalising. Rebirth. The awesomesaucery that is the wombsong workshop 💜 much love sister"

Jolene Reyes-Collyer

Evoking the WombSong Live Intensive

"Being integrated into wombsong gave me the tools to access vision and primal sound from deep within. Sitting in circle and dropping into safe space brought forth lush visuals and creative inspiration. It triggered and released so much old story, parallels of past generations and story of pain from the collective. Wombsong helped me shift through layers and the effects continued to ripple for a long time after. I felt loved, honoured, acknowledged and held."

Didi Joy

Evoking the WombSong Live Intensive

"D, wow, your womb song workshop was mind blowing! I know I have blockages with my voice and movement, so I found these things personally hard but felt fully supported and liberated (for me!) I turned up with a pounding headache, but really wanted to be there, and this affected my receptivity and openness to the experience. I felt comfortable and accepted there that I could just lie down and disengage and not feel I was doing a wrong thing; I guess by this I mean the environment and D facilitating is such I could be authentic, not feel the odd one out that I lay down away for some of it. I remember feeling amazed... it was primordial... like nothing I could have imagined nor can put words to... mind blowing works well tho. It's like D channels the Goddess archetype ... my body felt alive, throbbing, aching, energetic, all these things. Amazing to the max and then some. I have never experienced anything like this before and it felt expansive to have experienced it. Wow. Thankyou for the opportunity to reflect in this, maybe four or five years later."

Annalisa Tuoto Siefken

Evoking the WombSong Live Intensive

"I honestly had such an incredible experience. I hand on heart believe I had a divine kundalini experience through dance, my entire body was shaking, I felt the snake like energy rising within and out of me. A merging of my own masculine and feminine take place and restore balance and peace to my body. I’ve been working with her (my womb) for some time, and the timing for your medicine couldn’t have been more perfect. Donna you are a true gift."

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