Maiden to Mother Bundle

The Ulitmate Guide to Experiencing Birth as a Sacred Rite of Passage and Spiritual Initiations into Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum and Motherhood.

The Ultimate Guide to Sacred Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum.

 Psssssst... Hey Mama...    
Are you feeling worried and scared about birthing your baby into the world?  
Is the fear of the unknown consuming your thoughts, so much so that you are overwhelmed with worry and uncertainty daily?    
Does the over-medicalisation of birth turn you off?    
Do you KNOW deep in your heart that you can have a completely drug and intervention free natural birth... and LOVE the whole intimate experience?    
Are you curious about the Spiritual side of pregnancy, birth and motherhood?    
Do you feel that your pregnancy is connecting you to something BIGGER?    
Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with information that you really just want some practical wisdom and tools to help you feel connected to your power and confidence as a birthing mother?    
Are you a Spiritual woman who knows that you are meant to birth your baby in a deeply connected and gentle way?
Do you feel that the current mainstream system is not serving the profound and powerful nature of birth? 

What if you allowed yourself to see Birth as a Divine and Sacred Rite of Passage...

A Potent and Powerful Spiritual Experience to help you deepen into the wisdom of your womb, intuition, inner power and love. 

What if you didn't buy into the programs of fear and actually knew that birth could be easy, beautiful and an actually pleasurable experience?
What if you KNEW that you were meant to be part of a birth revolution.
What if you felt called to connect with a movement of deeply present and conscious mama's who are ready to trust the ancient primal wisdom of birth that is imprinted and carried in the womb's of all women that have birthed before us.
What would that change for you?
What amazing potentials does that open up for you?
Would you want to know how to create a peaceful and gentle welcoming of your baby Earthside?
Would You like to trust your body and your capability to naturally birth with joy, bliss and pleasure?

Birth has a language, and once you are fluent in speaking it, the conversation changes to one of hope and inspiration.

 Birth is a delicate dance of creation.    

The birth of a new child also means the birth of a new Mother.  

 I believe we can co- create a world where all birthing mothers have the freedom to choose what is best for them to safely bring their beautiful babies Earthside.    

A world where women are deeply connected to their body wisdom and trust their natural ability to give birth with grace and ease.    I believe in a world where empowered, inspiring and mystical birth stories are the norm.    

I believe in a world where Mothers truly know how incredible and amazing they are, where they know how significant the work is that they do, day in, day out, even if they feel unnoticed..    

I believe in a world where mothers are celebrated and supported in all aspects of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.    

I believe in a world where new Mothers and babies are imprinted with love and kindness, free from birth trauma, fear and abuse.    
Because I stand for a woman's right to choose and to have complete agency over her body.    

I stand for a world where Birthing Mothers are respected and expected to feel completely safe and connected to their feminine power as creators, which provides them with unlimited strength and confidence during labour and birth.    

I invite you to help create a world where Birth is revered and remembered as a Sacred Rite of Passage, a Spiritual Initiation of profound depth, beauty and wisdom.    

I invite you to experience the Mythical realms of Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood.    

I Invite you to claim your role as a a Birth Keeper, because you are an Empowered Birthing Mother.    

I Invite you to REJECT the system of oppression, and liberate yourself and your baby from the shackles and imprints of fear.
I Invite you to become open to the possibility that you can actually create a beautiful, enriching birthing experience- regardless of what happens.    

I Invite you to let go of your fears and insecurities that natural birth is too scary and "painful" and open to the experiencing being peaceful,  powerful and pleasureable.


The Maiden to Mother journey
is for you if you are...

      A conscious-minded mother or mother to be, who wants a deeply spiritual and Sacred birthing experience.      

A Pregnant mama that even-though you may have had a challenging experience with previous births, YOU'VE MADE A CONSCIOUS CHOICE THAT THIS TIME IT WILL BE DIFFERENT!    

A woman who has a fierce protective energy as a birth keeper and wants to deepen your knowledge and connection to the Spirituality of birth and learn different concepts and tools "outside the box"  to help women claim and remember the Sacred ways of Birth.    

A pregnant mama who longs for a natural pain free birth, but you're worried about whether or not it is actually possible for you. (YES it is!)    

A woman who KNOWS that women are powerful feminine creators and that you have the capacity to radically change the current paradigm through your service as a birthing Mother. You totally understand the reason for striving for gentle birth practices    

A revolutionary woman who REJECTS the current atmosphere of medicalised birth because you know there is a better, more holistic approach to birthing your baby peacefully into world with joy and love.

     Wanting to deepen your connection to your intimate partner through a joyful birth journey together.

"I felt empowered and supported to home birth my daughter because Donna showed me it was possible. She walks her talk, is well researched and equally intuitive with a deep sense of knowing. Donna not only inspired me, but also transformed me to embody what I needed to love the experience."

Tonielle Christensen

I believe that Pregnant women are the most beautiful in the world!

There is something so incredibly majickal and captivating about a woman's radiance when her womb is ripe with creation

Pregnancy is such a sacred event for each woman, a special window of opportunity to deeply connect with your soul, creativity and power as your womb swells and kicks with life inside.

The reality is that these moments do not happen often, for some fertility comes easy and for others it does not, and so I call to women, to you, to completely cherish this special time... in honour of those women that are unable to have the same experience as you.

Seeing Pregnancy and Birth as an Initiation will help you to connect to the Divine will of creation...

To the infinite potential to create and imbue the world with love and beauty. We all enter this world though the Mother.

SHE is the great archetype that connects us all. Carrying and nurturing life is the most important work there is, and it is important to guard your energetic space, because you are imprinting your baby with your emotional and energetic state. When you are growing life inside, you will be naturally more receptive and open to sensory information.

Unfortunately this also means every man, woman and their dog will take it upon themselves to offer you a constant stream of unsolicited advice, traumatic stories and projection upon projection of fears and what if scenarios... sometimes completely irrelevant.

Pregnant women can trigger the memories and stories of unhealed wounds. Some of it you'll be able to brush off... and some of it will stick and stir within you doubts and insecurities about your ability to give birth naturally, or to trust your body or baby. I know because I've been through it and had to face some pretty intense subconscious fears to freebirth at home on my own... TWICE!

This is one vital part of the initiation. Through emotional preparation, deep mindset work and ceremony, you can totally prepare for the incredible task of bridging worlds and bringing your baby into this world, trusting your body and the mystery of birth to guide you and baby safely through the Birth Field. The less tension, emotional blocks and fear you have stored in your body, the clearer your mindset and focus is on creating your desired outcome.

The more you trust and feel deeply, spiritually connected to birth as an initiation and Sacred Rite of Passage, the easier labour and birth are to navigate. You will be able to completely let go and surrender to the experience. a relaxed mind and body, means little to no intervention as there is less energetic debris to hinder the birth field... Connecting with your womb wisdom and feminine spirituality will also help you to facilitate a profoundly mystical experience of birth, which can be totally "out of this world."

This is something that I feel many women are missing out on, the incredible primal power and wisdom that comes through with the energy of birth, because energetic space has either been corrupted, or the mother is too much in her head to be able to fully drop into her deepest presence and embodiment. Giving birth will reveal many hidden strengths you never imagined were inside of you I want to show you what has worked for me and has helped other women to birth their babies with confidence and a feeling of total empowerment.

This is not just another course solely focused on the external.
Your Initiation into Motherhood is a Sacred Rite of Passage.  
But it's not all about the "big day" 

 Our culture tends to focus so much on labour and birth, that it neglects the vital process of emotional preparation during pregnancy and nurturing the new mother as she gathers herself postpartum.  
Most of the preparation for experiencing a beautiful natural birth, is in aligning the core beliefs and mindset with that of birth being a positive and uplifting experience.    

This happens in the inner, subconscious realms, but it's only one piece to a bigger picture.  
When the focus is solely pointed to the outcome of the birth of a healthy baby, we miss the most vital of processes which is much more important...    

The birth and evolution of a Mother.    

Truth is, every woman and every birth is different. Birth is Messy and sometimes so is Mothering.    
You can never truly know how you will adapt to the changes that come with birth and being the carer and nurturer of a dependent little being, sleep deprivation can distort your perception of reality and many women comment how "LOST" they felt with a newborn in their arms.  
Modern women are often very disconnected to the sacred and shamanic realms of pregnancy, birth and postpartum and so claiming the role of Mother becomes a blind leap of faith, often leaving new mums overwhelmed and grieving their old life- the freedoms they once had and the simplicity of only caring for self.    

I want to help remove the rose coloured classes so many women have around becoming a mother, So that when they find themselves on the other side of birth's door, they are emotionally equipped to handle the challenges that come. I want to help deconstruct the manufactured stereotype of the "perfect mother" so that women can feel confident in discovering their own ways.    

I want to talk about the things that so many women don't talk about, a real, raw and honest approach to motherhood as your heart is stretched beyond the veil of anything you could ever imagine. Shedding light into the dark of the journey- because only when we have the full spectrum can we truly find our way through clearly.    

By connecting with Pregnancy and Birth as Sacred rite of passage and initiation into Motherhood, you can feel confident in the journey ahead, because you have prepared for not only the moment of birth, you've prepared for the lifelong journey of being a Mother. 

Shinging Light in the Dark

Facing the fears of Birth and Motherhood 

- Facing the fears of Birth and Motherhood I want to help shed light on the things that are often kept in the dark, the real truths about what to expect, the vast spectrum of emotions that arise during pregnancy, birth and beyond! Current statistics show that 1 in 10 women are reported to experience PTSD after a traumatic birth.

According to a survey conducted by The Members of Australian College of Midwives, 67% of Midwives reported a traumatic birthing event, describing strong emotions of "horror" (74.8%) and Guilt (65.3%) about what happened to the Mother. Birth Trauma not only affects the mental health of Mother, the imprints on baby and family members, it also affects our Maternal Care providers... our Midwives and Doula's. Unfortunately the unnecessary over-medicalisation of birth within the "system" has led to a disconnect from the wholistic nature of birth being an initiatory journey that is deeply intimate and Sacred.

When the focus is isolated to only the physical "outcome" of pregnancy resulting in a live baby and Mother, the very foundation of birth being a Sacred experience, is desecrated, because the whole journey is deeply emotional, psychological and Spiritual for the Mother and baby.
We're talking about the foundational imprints of a Souls entry into this world, and the connection a Mother has to Creation Energy and her power as a bridge between worlds.

Birth Matters.

Unfortunately our current system does not foster a woman's spiritual relationship with her baby and power as a Mother. There is so much fear and misinformation surrounding such a natural and normal physiological process. The biggest fear is that something will go wrong and lead to a caesarean section or death, of either a baby, new mother or at worse, both. Yes, Maternal Death is a fact, it can happen BUT...

Did you know that one of the leading causes of Maternal death is actually suicide?!

If you count a full year postpartum from the time of birth, it is actually THE leading cause of death in Australia and many countries around the world.

Can you take a moment to sit with that and what it means?

It means that the current system is failing women.

 It means the damaging effects of birth trauma are real. It means that women are suffering in silence.

It means that motherhood is not always peachy!

It means that as women, we need to educate, inspire, empower and support each other.

To share the good and the bad, so that we have a holistic perspective of the journey into motherhood.

It takes a village to raise a child as much as it does a Mother, and women need to be fully emotionally and psychologically prepared for the journey ahead. Most often than not though, the emotional and spiritual connections to birth are discarded as "fluff" and so women are left without any tools for coping during labour and with the demands and challenges of Motherhood. ALL OF THIS IS NOT OK!
And I want to help change that!

I whole heartedly believe that peace on Earth begins with Birth and mothers have the ability and capacity to change the current paradigm in 1 generation. I believe that Birth is actually a transformational moment of breakthrough- as it stretches you beyond the parameters of anything you have ever experienced before... connecting with your inner power, strength, courage and resilience as a woman as this is necessary preparation for motherhood.

There is so much power and wisdom in the feminine and when you learn how to tap into that, into your inner power as a birthing woman, all of a sudden the weight is lifted and you step into the possibilities of ecstatic, blissful, spiritually empowering and shamanic dimensions of childbirth.

Birth is a Sacred Initiation, from Maiden to Mother and then deepening into Motherhood.

I am a living example and proof of this and it is because of my experiences freebirthing my babies that I want to share what I have learned over the years as I deepened into my role and experience of Mother.

Surrendering into Love

My Journey into the Depths Motherhood

As the Creatrix of the Wise Wombman Wisdom School I am deeply honoured and proud to be able to offer this work, which has been many years in the making

At the age of 18 I felt the Soul of Auraura Freedom, my firstborn come through my dreaming. Her energy was bold and determined, she knew I was her mama and would not leave me alone.

Her presence stayed with me for around a year before I because so annoyed that I made a deal with her. If she found the right father for her, then I would give up whatever I was doing to journey bringing her through.It worked, because her energy left after that contract was made. You see, I've always felt connected to something bigger, I've always trusted that my life has been of service to Truth and Love, to fulfil some kind of prophecy that I figure out as I go. HA!  

When I became pregnant for the first time at 21 years, it wasn't received well by my partner or family. It was actually quite traumatic, and as much as I tried to put on a strong face, it hurt. I felt alone, scared and unsupported. Despite the heavy emotional pain I was carrying, I wanted to know all the ins and outs of pregnancy and birth. I researched everything from the good to the bad so that I could prepare myself.  

I had my hopes set on a homebirth, because something in me KNEW so deeply that birth didn't have to happen in a hospital, because I wasn't sick.  Being so young and petite I had this constant fear that I was too small and that homebirth wouldn't be safe for me, plus the only local midwife that attended homebirths was a man that gave me the heeby jeebies! So I had a natural birth at a rural birthing centre which fortunately for me, was run by Midwives with continuity of care.  

The labour was long and drawn out, over 24hrs and was incredibly exhausting. As much as I felt connected to my baby, I felt so blocked, and I was already 10 days past my "due" date. I didn't know at the time, that I was carrying a lot of resistance and emotional blocks, which looking back with the wisdom I have now, I can see why my birthing experience, bringing Auraura into the world happened the way it did.

It was intense and cathartic, and I did it, naturally. With the hormone surge post birth, I remember thinking that I wanted to become a Midwife.  The transition was beautiful though I still felt alone and out of my depth as a new mum, especially because I lived rurally, with not much of a social life outside of being a stay at home mother.  There were many, many dark times and I thought I was the only one that had those thoughts, I felt like I was stumbling through the dark, with no guiding light.

There were times I thought I was broken.

I had lost the very fabric of who I was, dissolved in this overwhelming and consuming role as Mother, to this beautiful blue eyed baby girl.

Then... my journey lead me to experience the intensity of life as a single mum and the weight of Motherhood hit me hard, especially as an aspiring Visionary Artist.  

I struggled.  

I died inside so many times,  but I learned a lot.  

I also found ways to re-ignite my Spirit and sense of Self.

Motherhood is a profoundly Spiritual Journey like no other...  

Six years later, I felt Maia come through my womb, and the depth of my Sacred Feminine work was realised. All of a sudden I knew I had to switch my focus from art to helping women access their inner wisdom and embody themselves fully.

As I had matured into my deep spirituality and trust in my body, I freebirthed Maia Lily at home in the same room she was conceived.  I prepared myself emotionally and mentally for the labour of love, and I firmly believe this was the key difference in a positive result.  I was able to drop into the stillness of the moment, and breathe baby through in blissful connection and altered states of consciousness, to access the shamanic realms of birth where I was gifted some profound truths to share with women who were ready to help change the world...  

One peaceful birth at a time.  

That birth was incredibly liberating and empowering, and whilst I know that unassisted birthing is not every woman's ideal choice, it is a perfectly valid and safe option for many with the right support and preparation. Even though I was incredibly clear without a shred of fear in my mind or body, what I experienced around me, was a bombardment of fear coming at me from all directions, trying to persuade me from my very grounded decision to birth at home on my own.  

Learning to trust my body and Claim my role as a birth keeper enabled me to access some potent wisdom within the birthing field. What came through me in that birth, helped me to create my Wisdom School and set me on my path of helping to empower hundreds of women around the world to access their inner wisdom and power as a Sovereign Being.  

2.5 years later I freebirthed Lucah at home in my Sacred Womb Temple space where I would facilitate women's circles and retreats. With just my partner by my side, I was able to experience the depth of intimacy and partnership, in union with the Beloved as we both held space for our daughter to come through.

On Valentines day, I entered into the silent stillness of the moment, gathered my baby from the Spiritual Realms and breathed her through with gentle grace and the sweetness of love and gratitude for life.  

My son Zenith was freebirthed safely at home also, and after an intensely quick 60min labour and dealing with shoulder dystocia, I am so proud to have been able to tune into my body and trust my intuition to deal with the problem safely on my own.

I am an advocate for natural, primal birth and I am a freebirthing mother, though I know that this type of birthing experience is not for everyone, and so my focus is to help mothers feel empowered in making safe choices.

All of my babies were born Lotus, with the umbilical and placenta left intact, enabling the most gentle start to life.  

My experiences of birth are one of joy, beauty, bliss, pleasure and deep connection.  Each birth was an initiation into the depths of my souls wisdom. Each birth and baby has revealed new facets of myself, uncovered some powerful medicine and creativity  I wish this for EVERY birthing mother and mother to be.  Which is why I have created this course.  

Working intimately with Women as a Facilitator and Mentor, I have the opportunity and honour to listen to many stories. A collective theme that I noticed was one of birth trauma, shame and disconnection from the birthing journey and motherhood.  Mothers described how they felt invisible within the "system" and how this trauma stayed with them. So many women feeling let down from an unnecessary and often coerced Caesarean Section and struggling with the emotions and confusion from their experience trying to figure out what went "wrong".  

Through my signature practice, WombSong I have witnessed this deep psychological and emotional trauma being released, with the intense anger, rage and deep hurt that is often locked up behind the story... and women finally feeling free from the pain and grief that has been carried in the womb.  

Due to the nature of my work, I walk with women through some very "dark" places, to find the light within,  I knew that I had to share my wisdom with birthing mothers, because I know whole heartedly when we view birth as a Sacred Rite of Passage and Initiation, it shifts the whole constructs and beliefs around labour, birth and your role as a mother.  

It connects us with Divine Love and Creation Energy.

 Maiden to Mother, Sacred Pregnancy, Birth Shaman and Sacred Postpartum are my hearts offering in support and solidarity for all mother's on this path of knowing that Peace on Earth begins with birth and that this is THE most important work in the world, no question!  

If you've been searching for something like this, if it speaks to you, I invite you to journey with me

Are You Ready for Your Initation?

This is for you if you're actually ready to:

  • Let go of all the bullshit stories that make you feel scared and afraid of birthing your baby
  • Claim your role as a birthing mother
  • Believe that you can actually have a blissful and beautiful birth
  • Completely love your mama body and the power of creation
  • Face your fears to release any subconscious blocks what will hinder your birth
  •  Access ancient feminine wisdom that makes you feel like a powerful force of creation
  •  Love and trust your journey no matter what heppens
  •  Deepen into your Spirituality and heighten your intuition and connection with the Sacred

Course Summary

 Your journey from Maiden to Mother will expand you in ways you never thought possible.    
The wisdom contained in this course will help you feel inspired, clear, confident and empowered as you make your journey and transition (or deepen) into motherhood.    
With my guidance you can be sure to have a potent and powerful experience of birth, feeling deeply connected and grounded in your ancient primal wisdom, trusting your body and your baby, preserving the Sacred imprints of creation energy    
No matter what happens along the way, you will be able to find peace and acceptance with how it all unfolds, trusting that you are indeed on a journey and a profound Spiritual Initiation and Awakening.  

Maiden to Mother is a Self Paced ALL ACCESS 3 in 1 e-course designed to help you overcome fear and uncertainty around pregnancy, birth and your journey into Motherhood.    
It is a deeply real, raw and grounded approach to one of the most profound spiritual initiations in a woman's life, giving birth to her child.    
Maiden to Mother is unlike any other birthing e-course.    
That is because my wisdom teachings will take you beyond the confines of conditioned structures of belief, and will provide the safe spaces for you to question your own insecurities, fears  and perceived limitations, whilst helping you to remember how to connect with your inner wisdom through practical and mystical processes.    
When you remember how incredibly powerful you truly are, when you CLAIM your power, your strength and courage to say YES to your dreams and  desires and to boldly stand up for what you KNOW to be the best start for your baby's life, the whole world shifts to meet YOU.    
I want as many women as possible to be able to access this potent and powerful work, to fully prepare for pregnancy, birth and motherhood so I am also offering a generous payment plan to make it super easy.  

Maiden to Mother is actually 3 programs rolled into one EPIC package.    Yes, that's right.    


Maiden to Mother: Preparing for the Great Initiation, Birth Shaman and Sacred Postpartum  
The best part is, that you get to work through them at your own pace.      
You will have instant access to all content which is delivered via Video, Audio Recordings and PDF's and you will also have access to a private group for support, because we're all in this together!      

 Don't want the whole Maiden to Mother bundle?  No Worries, I've made it easy for you to access the courses individually, to suit your needs.   

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Now that I began to dive into Donna's course I wish I had bought it two years ago when all of this first started. It is so profound and deep healing work, but I release the need to be perfect and know that I will be a good tiger mama and will have enough time to prepare myself for this magic new being 💞🐅 Thank you so much for this work 🙏 I feel very clear and guided in the right direction. And to everyone: if you think about having a baby any time in the future, start preparing now, especially your womb and your spirit. And I can 100% recommend the Maiden to Mother course for guidance, you will be soo held and grow so much, and feel ready whenever the time comes

Tara Akasha

"Donna's workshops have provided me with the healing to let go of past stories and traumas. I was able to step more confidently into the wombman I felt I was. I have no doubt that this cleared the path for conception. Donna's guidance during pregnancy helped ease any anxieties and fears I had heading into birth and was uplifting during labour."

Ashlee Benson

Donna Raymond